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We are grateful to have be invited by the industrious Uma Nota Culture team (led by Alex Bordokas and Kristyn Gelfand) to be programming partners for the inaugural Geary Art Crawl which took place during the first weekend of October. Despite coming together in less than a month this ambitious initiative was incredibly well received, with thousands of people descending upon Geary Ave. to experience the many art projects that transformed this very unique street. Given the popular support we can’t help but to feel confident that this event will be back in 2022! Fingers crossed!

Art Spin Programming: 

Max Streicher  

Sleeping Giants (Tyvek, electric blowers)


Maria Flawia Litwin & Jolyane Langlois 

Disquiet Under Your Skin  (Performance art duet for video)


Francesca Chudnoff 

only child freestyle 3  (Dance/Movement performance w/ music by Driftnote


Pulga Muchochoma 

O Espaço  (Dance performance w/ light design by Karl Skene & Calder Ross)


Karl Skene  

Concrete Plants  (Laser & video projection)


Kaile H. Glick  

Spontaneous Prose Store  (Performance)


Rudy Ray  

The Departure Lounge with special performances by Christina Smith

Date: Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd October, 2021

LOCATION: 300 Geary Ave. and various other locations on Geary Ave west of Dufferin St.


Uma Nota Culture is a registered not-for-profit whose mandate is to foster the landscape for diverse music in Canada, and provide creative avenues for expression for both artists and revellers. UNC events are designed to be safe, accessible, friendly, and fun, broadening the audience of under-represented artists, especially those performing music in languages other than English, giving a platform for cross-cultural understanding, and cross-genre experimentation.

By Joshua Best
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