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Tent City by Public Visualization Studio, a site-specific video work on the victory Soya Mills in 2014

We want to hear your Exciting ideas for

site-specific projects!

Art Spin regularly puts out open calls for specific projects and exhibitions, however, we are always looking for submissions from artists whether it’s during or outside of our programming period.


We work with artists at all levels of their art career, and from all varieties of artistic disciplines. Although we are open to existing works, special priority will be given to new commissions.

Before you reach out to us we encourage you to check out some of our featured projects, examples of works we have produced and presented, to see if your proposal would be a good fit for our programming. 


We also invite you to subscribe to our mailing list to stay up-to-date on future projects and call for submissions.


Sinking of You by Vuk Dragojevic, curated and commissioned by

Art Spin for in/future, 2016.


Piece Tower by Michael M Simon, installed in the old log ride at Ontario Place for in/future in 2016.

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