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Mobile Sweat is a nomadic sauna experience and platform for contemporary art. As an unexpected space for creative experiences, it invites participants to immerse themselves in discovering the shared values of so many sweat bathing practices; community, connection and care.

The project consists of a 16-foot utility trailer transformed by artist Chris Foster into a fully-functioning sauna, designed to accommodate a variety of arts programming. The mobile sauna is co-commissioned by Harbourfront Centre, Toronto.


Mobile Sweat will be on the road across Ontario between  September 2022 - February 2023, and will be activated in collaboration with our host organizations and guest curators. 


Public Sweat is an art and sweat bathing experience inspired by bathhouse and sauna practices and their shared values of community, connection and care.

Follow the project for nomadic Mobile Sweat events leading up to the larger Public Sweat event in 2023.

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