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The change of any changeable quaNTITY


An exhibition of video installations that explores themes of climate change and environmental crisis

October 15-17, 2021 at 300 Geary AVE.

curated by Layne Hinton & Rui Pimenta


Installed in a large industrial warehouse space, The change of any changeable quantity is an immersive and experimental exhibition of video art by artists Christina Battle, nichola feldman-kiss, Lyla Rye and Heidi Strauss that examines elements of change and instability we increasingly experience as we move ever closer to climate catastrophe. Somewhat unintentionally, these videos each speak to one of the four natural elements, which Ancient Greeks believed were the basis of all matter and were unchanging in nature. In an era of extreme environmental change, the exhibition title draws from the definition of the mathematical symbol (∆) found in the title of Christina Battle’s work that represents the changeable quality of any equation.


In the case of the works in this exhibition the viewer is invited to consider the vast possibility of change itself, both in terms of the harm we have inflicted on our natural world and the imperative of recovery we ignore at our peril.


Christina Battle’s fiery video considers the gap between our current crisis and the policies that are needed to create necessary and meaningful change. Lyla Rye’s video of clearcut earthen landscapes is a cross-generational collaboration that uses cellphone footage shot by tree planters and transformed by the artist, through manual stabilization, in an attempt to achieve a technical and metaphoric sense of balance. nichola feldman-kiss takes viewers through a digitally constructed underwater landscape, including icebergs that overwhelm through their indecipherable scale. Heidi Strauss’s video explores invisible presence and absence through airy spaces where the line between outside and inside, solitude and togetherness are inverted.

ARTISTS: adelheid/Heidi Strauss, Christina Battle, Lyla Rye,

nichola feldman-kiss (co-presented with the koffler centre of the arts)

Partners & Funders: Koffler Centre of the Arts, Geary Factory Lofts, Toronto arts council, #Showloveto, ontario arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts.

additional EVENTS

nfk.ScreenShot_Koleidoscape Artspin AM.png



We were excited to transform this cavernous 12,000 square foot space into a deep listening setting in which the act of listening becomes a fully embodied experience. This program featured live performances by local sound artists at the cutting edge of sonic experimentation.


This program was inspired by the reverberations and unique acoustical properties of this industrial warehouse space, along with themes drawn from the video exhibition, including the mediation of nature through human interference, feelings of uneasiness and instability brought on by climate change.

ARTISTS: Driftnote, Prince Nifty, FELIPE SENA


Friday October 15th, 2021

We were joined by artists Lyla Rye, Heidi Strauss & nichola feldman-kiss with Mona Filip of the Koffler Centre of the Arts, alongside Art Spin curators Layne Hinton & Rui Pimenta to hear more about the process of creation of their works, all of which were produced in the last year through a time of crisis and isolation.

ARTISTS: Heidi Strauss, Lyla Rye, nichola feldman-kiss with mona filip


Sunday October 17th, 2021


The image above is a video still by nichola feldman-kiss from the artwork: 'planet species animal human water Agent. in motion on the move in flight of the Earth of the Land of the Ocean her ecology. here and there sea and ice wind and current seed and settlement. (Study for Siren lll)'



Adelheid / Heidi strauss

absent presence



In any empty space there is history. Sometimes that history is known - often not. To be alone in a large vacant room, the openness is charged with who has been there before, the impact they had, but also with the current potential of who is there now, and what can exist.  absent presence holds the invisible and felt as real. Made in a time of isolation and separation – we lived (are living) a real-life science fiction future in which nothing can be taken for granted; the natural world is knocking.

co-directors:  Heidi Strauss & Jeremy Mimnagh

choreography: Heidi Strauss in collaboration with dancers Syreeta Hector, Jane-Alison McKinney, and Amanda Pye

director of photography & editor: Jeremy Mimnagh

composer:  Joshua Van Tassel

lighting: Rebecca Picherack

key grip: Charissa Wilcox

production assistant: Dedra McDermott

producer: Rachel Penny

associate producer: Art Spin



Heidi Strauss creates dance-based experiences to examine human behavior from different perspectives, using relationships as a basis to consider our current social and environmental moment. She is interested in challenging how we see/experience performance by shifting the physical perspective of the audience, creating immersive, installation, ambulatory, site-sensitive and digital works for theatre and non-theatre environments.  A multi-Dora Award winning choreographer and the Artistic Director of adelheid, Heidi supports programs for other artists including adelheid’s re:research, (for emerging dance artists) and Cohort (for performance makers integrating digital technologies into their practice).  Heidi is a recipient of the KM Hunter Award for Dance.

nichola feldman-kiss
you are water. you are sea ice (Study for Siren III)

planet species animal human water Agent. in motion on the move in flight of the Earth of the Land of the Ocean her ecology. here and there sea and ice wind and current seed and settlement. (Study for Siren III)


Study for Siren III features 2 interrelated experiments with underwater data space. The artwork is conceived for quieting –a jewel of relief amidst the overwhelm of ungraspable immensity that is digital life separated from source.

Thanks to: Tovi Gruzman, GTR Industries and Adrienne Matheuszik, GTR Industries, Derya Akkaynak, and Ocean Quest Adventures



nichola feldman-kiss is a Toronto based artist exploring relational interpretations of body and embodiment, identity and autobiography, witness and traumatic memory. Their hybrid media installations –pristine as laboratory craft, ask us to reconsider hard questions about being conscious social bodies among the tattered boundaries of globalization. The National Research Council of Canada, the Ottawa Hospital Eye Institute, the Department of National Defense, and the United Nations, among others, have hosted the artists’ research. feldman-kiss holds an MFA from California Institute of the Arts.


lyla Rye

Unclear cuts



Unclear Cuts uses cellphone imagery of clear-cut land shot by tree planters, including Rye’s daughter. This poor footage is compressed in transit, further degrading the images. The pixelation, artifacts and distortion become emphasized in the manual stabilization of the imagery. As images rotate and shift, video stacks upon video accumulating in a messy, entanglement of ruined forests that hints at the complexity of change.

Footage by Lena Rye and Josh Jensen.



Lyla Rye is a Toronto based artist who works in installation, sculpture, video and photography to explore our experience of architectural space. Her work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally including in New York, San Francisco, Adelaide, Auckland, Paris, and Berlin. She has shown at The Power Plant, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Southern Alberta Art Gallery and in the Karachi Biennale, Pakistan.  Her solo exhibition, Mirage, was recently presented at Prefix ICA in Toronto. Her work is in the collections of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Cadillac Fairview Corporation, The Tom Thomson Art Gallery and The Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

christina battle
∆ (when the cities burn)



"Our civilization is flinging itself to pieces. Stand back from the centrifuge.” [Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451]

[note: in this case, ∆ (opt + j) is defined as it is in chemistry: ∆ = the addition of heat in a reaction and also references the general definition in math & science: ∆ = the change of any changeable quantity]

Made on a rooftop during an artist residency in Mexico City (Casa Maauad, 2015), while thinking about the difference between the change that we need and the policies we make.



Christina Battle’s (Edmonton, Canada) research and artistic work consider the parameters of disaster; looking to it as action, as more than mere event and instead as a framework operating within larger systems of power. Through this research she imagines how disaster could be utilized as a tactic for social change and as a tool for reimagining how dominant systems might radically shift. She has exhibited internationally in festivals and galleries, most recently at: Latitude 53 (Edmonton), Harbourfront Centre (Toronto), Capture Photography Festival (Vancouver); Forum Expanded at the Berlinale (Berlin), Blackwood Gallery (Mississagua), Trinity Square Video (Toronto), and Nuit Blanche Toronto.



From elemental Dissonance sound program


Prince Nifty is a Toronto-based sound designer, composer and a Grammy nominated producer/musician. He co-produced Lido Pimienta’s Miss Colombia, remixed for Caribou's Suddenly and has collaborated on a great many records and shows. From dance music to choral madrigals, his work covers a broad sonic territory and is as surprising as it is engaging. Look out for his new record, Interplanetary Machines, out this fall on Second Spring records

Omar David Rivero, also known as Driftnote, is a musician and
multimedia artist born in Venezuela and currently based out of Tkaronto whose work is centred around improvisation, interactivity, audio and visual installations as well as 3D imaging. Rivero explores questions of materiality and embodiment when looking at systems, cultural erasure, and identity in the african/indigenous diaspora. His research is situated in reassessing methodologies of image making, archives, and self-portraiture.


Felipe Sena is a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist based in Toronto. Bringing influences from the underground São Paulo music scene and Afro-Brazilian traditional rhythms, his body of work revolves around the transcendent nature of music. In his performances, Felipe builds on percussive elements, live instruments, and evolving soundscapes. 


This piece Sena performed was an invitation to reflect on the climate crisis, with special attention to the ongoing predatory Amazon fires.



Photos by Layne Hinton


Photos by Layne Hinton



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