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Art Spin has commissioned hundreds of new artworks since 2009, working closely with contemporary artists to develop site-responsive and temporary public art projects, presented through our exhibitions, bicycle art tours, and festivals.


See a small selection below of highlighted projects that embody the multi-disciplinary and site-specific nature of our programming.

Art Spin Documentary
by Collective City

2022, 21 minutes
While not a commissioned Art Spin project, we are thrilled that Collective City has selected Art Spin to be included in their amazing series of short docs about Toronto-based arts collectives. They interview and share histories of these collectives, who often self-presented exhibitions and artworks in unique and alternative locations from the 1980's until today. 

See more at
Listen to the Land
2019, sound and video projected on a Block House at Fort York Historic Site, curated for Nuit Blanche Toronto
A projection on the side of a heritage structure exposes the layers of Indigenous presence in Fort York.
Placeholders is Aylan Couchie, Jason Baerg, Logan MacDonald, Vanessa Dion Fletcher (artists) and Ryan Rice (curator).
Alicia Grant
2012, performance atop two sand piles in a construction site, conceived by Rui Pimenta
2019, monumental installation at The Bentway, commissioned for Nuit Blanche
Vast amounts of hazard tape wrapped the pillars of The Bentway, creating a monumental, immersive installation that was become animated by the wind.
This project was curated and commissioned by Art Spin for
Nuit Blanche Toronto as part of our Creation : Destruction
exhibition area.
Jenn Goodwin
Still life with sand, wood, grass, weather and movement
2017, performance choreographed for the Sunnyside BMX bike park

Choreography by Jenn Goodwin, in collaboration with Sarah Doucet and performers Anita Nittoly & Elke Schroeder. Costumes & rehearsal direction by Sarah Doucet.

roula partheniou
2018, a collection of sculptures meticulously replicated by the artist using acrylic paint on MDF. Created for Art Spin's Holding Patterns exhibition

'Mandjé' translates to 'water' in the artist's native language, Chuano, from the centre of Mozambique. The performance explored forced migration and the ability for water to both unite and separate us. Water can be both a way of communication and also a path to reconnect with our ancestors. Through the work the artist converses with the live music, and those whose bodies were never found while trying to escape forced migration. Live music performed by Moyo Rainos Mutamba.

2018, commissioned performance on a small ship for an audience on land

Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

FAye Mullen
And if, the cracks beneath your feet were each a horizon setting onto a vast plane beyond this one where curvature was no longer considered imperceptible.
2016, nightly performance at sunset on the breaker wall of Ontario Place during in/future
Serena Lee
It wasn't the fire
2018, site-specific installation for Holding Patterns created with a selection of the artists late grandfather's possessions.
jordan tannahill & zack russell
End Zone
2014, a short play for Lamport Stadium
Performed by Kayla Lorrette and Nick Rose, this short play about the potential end of a relationship was commissioned for Lamport Stadium by Art Spin, artistic directed by Rui Pimenta. Written by Tannahill & directed by Russell.
Kaitlyn Bourden
Memories Relocated
2017, a site-specific installation using latex rubber and found objects in a mock condo showroom
Francesca Chudnoff
2019, a multimedia durational performance curated at The Bentway for Nuit Blanche Toronto
Drenched in blue light, dancers interact with a sound and video installation to explore the relationship between desire and distance.
Composer: Omar David Rivero. Dancers: Justin De Luna, Danah Rosales, Chenise Mitchell, Nyda Kwasowsky, Peggy Soria and Francesca Chudnoff.
nichola feldman-kiss
2018, a two-part performance on the Toronto Islands

A small group of women perform improvised ululations and spoken words in dialogue with the sonic landscape. The artwork invokes contemporary geopolitical narratives of displacement and migration.

Performers: Valerie Buhagiar, Leila Moslemi, Roula Said, Omneya Tollar

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