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Art Spin in Sunday Drive Presents Warkworth

We're very excited to be participating in Sunday Drive Presents Warkworth, a 16 day arts festival in the small village of Warkworth, Ontario. The festival takes artist-run centres and collectives (like us) who typically work in metropolitan areas and transplants them in a small rural village to curate site-specific works.

We're curating an installation by Teresa Carlesimo in a small storefront on the main drag of the town. Teresa's work often explores urban and architectural issues, and in using typical construction materials she creates installations that investigate the social and political dimensions of a built environment.

The festival runs from August 23rd to September 7th. Join us on the 23rd for the kick-off opening party, we have a party bus headed up there with art, beer and snacks. Tickets are only $25.00 for the night, we leave at 4pm and are back at midnight. Please visit our 'upcoming events' page for more details.

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