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First Annual Art Spin Exhibition

September 30th 2010

Our First Annual Art Spin Exhibition took place in the Planet Storage Warehouse, a beautiful historic industrial space with 10,000 square feet. The Planet Storage building, built in c.1929 was originally the Viceroy Rubber Plant. The exhibition featured works from 25 artists working in new media, installation, painting, sculpture and performance.


Nicole Collins • Taya Cornett • Michael Davidson • Martie Giefert • 

Ann Marie Hadcock • Lauren Hall • Markus Heckmann • Layne Hinton • Lumir Hladik • Svava Juliusson • Melody Krauze • Edmund Law • 

Kal Mansur • Wrik Mead • Laura Moore • Brian T. Moore • Faye Mullen • Amanda Nedham • Dylin North • Derrick Piens • Nathalie Quagliotto • Steve Rollings • Cheryl Rondeau •  Kelly Shnurr •




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