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June 30th 2011

Our first tour of 2011 began in Trinity Bellwoods Park with our usual free tune-ups courtesy of Bike Pirates. The tour was led again by our emcee Michael Louis Johnson and joined by John Carnes with his Empress bicycle sound system.

Leaving Bellwoods to head south-west, our first stop was at Birch Libralato for a summer group exhibition. The second stop then took us to Diaz Contemporary for the exhibition Chalk and Butter featuring works by recent MFA graduates from Guelph U. The third stop was a studio visit at the shared spaces of Walnut Studios, thanks to Ilene Sova and Jason Martins. 

The next stop was a special project created specifically for the bike tour. The performance 'Radial' by the Radiant Brass Ensemble took place in a parking lot by King St. and Shaw St. Cyclists circled a group of horn players and observed the changing composition dependant on your position in space.

The fifth stop on the tour was a performance at the Theatre Centre. Charlotte Mundy and Alex Samaras performed a beautiful duet for vocals.

The final stop on this tour had a very special location, we had access to what was the Givens/Shaw Public School (and is now home to Artscape Youngplace). There was much to explore and play with in the space and made for a fun after party. There was a performance choreographed by Davy Bisaro and badminton nets, spit balls and skipping set up by Melody Krauze, along with a kinetic installation by Vuk Dragojevic titled This Wrinkle and Crease in Crease and Wrinkle.


Many thanks to our volunteers, to Franco from The Theatre Centre, all the artists at Walnut Studios and Artscape.


Photos by David Wyndham

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