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September 30th 2010

Our fourth tour in 2010 had an overwhelming turnout, meeting in Trinity Bellwoods Park. We had complimentary bike tune-ups for those who arrive early by Bike Pirates, beautiful trumpet music by our emcee Michael Louis Johnson and a portable sound system by John Carnes.


The first stop was at Gallery TPW and XPACE. At TPW we saw a screening of Geoffrey Pugen's Bridge Kids. XPACE showed an exhibition Parts of a Hole a group exhibition of works taking their cue from the ready-made.

Our second stop caught people off guard as we pulled up at the Price Chopper grocery store. Unnanounced we entered the store and gathered in the produce aisles. Two women shopping for vegetables broke into song, and participants watched Moo Cow sing and dance with the background of the store.

Leaving the Price Chopper the tour group headed up the West Toronto rail path where we passed a lone saxophone player under a street lamp before we reached the old Solway Metal scrapyard for a musical performance by Ludy Dobri. 


Heading further up the rail path we stopped under the Wallace St. pedestrian bridge where participants worked together to install hundreds of LED's hanging from the bridge. We gathered below as Michael Louis Johnson serenaded the group with a beautiful song.

For our second last stop we led participants up to the third floor of the Planet Storage building, which used to be the old Viceroy Rubber Plant. The beautiful raw industrial space housed a performance by Miko Sobreira and company, with a live percussive soundtrack by Joe Sorbara and Mark Segger from Somewhere There Collective. They used found objects and architectural features in the warehouse as their instruments.

After this performance we moved down to a beautiful 10,000 square foot. warehouse for the First Annual Art Spin Exhibition. The night featured musical performances by The Red Rhythm and The Rambunctious and artworks by:

Nicole Collins • Taya Cornett • Michael Davidson • Martie Giefert • Ann Marie Hadcock • Lauren Hall • Markus Heckmann • Layne Hinton • Lumir Hladik • Svava Juliusson • Melody Krauze • Edmund Law • Kal Mansur • Wrik Mead • Laura Moore • Brian T. Moore • Faye Mullen • Amanda Nedham • Dylin North • Derrick Piens • Nathalie Quagliotto • Steve Rollings • Cheryl Rondeau • 

Kelly Shnurr •


Photos by David Wyndham


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