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June 24th 2010

Although Art Spin began in 2009 under the name 'Gallery Spin' this June 24th event in 2010 was the first official 'Art Spin' tour. We began in Trinity Bellwoods Park with an intimate group of around 30 people. Geoffrey Bercarich from Bike Pirates was on hand to provide free tune-ups and safety checks. Artist Sarah Kernohan handed out a limited edition series of drawings/prints for participants to take home. This tour was led by our Trumpeting emcee Michael Louis Johnson and joined by John Cairnes and his bicycle sound system.

Our first stop on the tour saw us further north in Trinity Bellwoods for a performance of Bamboo Quiver  by Barry Prophet and Janice Pomer. The piece combined live electronic music by Barry, with Janet dancing accompanied by a bamboo structure. This not only provided a sculptural element to the movement, but also added the organic sounds of bamboo sticks hitting each other to the electronic music.

The second stop on the tour was a visit to Angell Gallery in their new space on Ossington Ave. where we saw three exhibitions of contemporary paintings and had a talk from gallerist Jamie Angell about the works. The first show was New Body of Painting by Barry Allikas, as well as Juggernaut by John Kennedy and Swagger and Sashay by Aleksandra Rdest in the project room.

The third stop on the tour took us to the back alleyways of Dundas and Ossington where we ended up behind Show & Tell Gallery. In the allway we were privy to a demonstration by artist Dan Bergeron (aka fauxreel) as he applied a new photographic intervention on the back of the gallery. Thanks to Simon Cole from Show & Tell for participating and speaking with the group about fauxreel's work. After hearing fauxreel talk about his recent installation at MOCCA, we took a spur of the moment trip there to see his photo-sculptural installation Defunct Front across the facade of the gallery as a part of Empire of Dreams

Next we headed over to 1172 Queen St. West to Fly Gallery for an exhibition of recent paintings by Caroline Mosby. Thanks to Scott Carruthors and Tanya Reid of Fly Gallery for speaking about the space.


Following this the tour swung south to Sudbury St. where we visited LSD lighting studios to witness a generative video projection by Markus Heckmann. Using his own software to generate the piece, Markus' video was a beautiful and hypnotic new media artwork to include on the tour.

Our final stop and afterparty was at the beautiful loft studio of Michael Toke at the old 48 Abell St. building (which sadly no longer exists). The visit featured many of his paintings, video, and installation based works as well as a musical performance by jazz trio The Bob Standard.


Many thanks to Emily Shulist for documenting the night, to our small crew of volunteers and to all of those who came out and experienced the first 'Art Spin' tour.


Photos by Emily Shulist.

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