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July 29th 2010

This Art Spin tour caught us off guard as it began with a great group of roughly 125 people in Trinity Bellwoods Park. The tour was led by our trumpeting emcee Michael Louis Johnson and joined again by John Cairnes and his bicycle sound system. As we headed north in Trinity Bellwoods we happened upon a wedding ceremony performance by twins Laurie Kang and Hanna Hur.

Our first stop, in the west end of Trinity Bellwoods Park, was a site-specific installation by Svava Thordis Juliusson. The sculptural piece made of wire ties and construction fencing sat in a small dried riverbed in the park. After that we left the bikes and walked down to our second stop at Galerie Lausberg in their old Queen St. location.

As we headed to our third stop we passed Hanna Hur and Laurie Kang again, this time doubling on a bike with tin cans after we cycled through their wedding.


We then arrived at InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre for a group show, the tenth annual emerging artists exhibition titled Kunstkammer/Wunderkammer which was curated by Rosie Spooner. The exhibition  featured sonic and electronic installation, as well as video and projection pieces.

The group then headed over to Parkdale for a percussive performance at the Somewhere There Collective. The performance, originally chosen from the Music in Galleries series, featured two drum kits on either side of the audience playing back and forth to create an immersive experience.


We then worked our way to an alleyway where we were audience to a performance of Walking Women by Cara Spooner and Alicia Grant. The busy street was a beautiful background to the slow performance that had the women slowly walk towards and then past each other, silhouetted in the alleyway.


The sixth stop on the tour took us into 47 (at 47 Milky Way) an exhibition space where we saw an installation by  n° 1-60 by Dennis Lin.


On the way to our next stop we passed through a playground on Brock Ave. where for the third time we happened across a performance intervention by Laurie Kang and Hanna Hur. This time we came across them on a basketball court where they proceeded to race in competition with each other to tag as many participants as they could with their own names on a sticker.

Following this intervention we rode up to Dundas to p|m Gallery for an exhibition of New Sculptures by Keith W. Bentley. Our final stop took us to The Department where we saw more works from Laurie Kang and Hanna Hur and audience members could piece together the three interventions they'd seen earlier throughout the tour. The exhibition, Retrest Re-treat: Twins Venture into Collaboration Vol. II featured photography and video about the girls exploration into their relationship as twins. The afterparty also featured outdoor live projections by Brian T. Moore and a short video screening by Miriam Johnson. Many thanks to Zach Kellum, Johanna Reynolds and Noah Gano from The Department for hosting us. 


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