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The Second Annual Art Spin Exhibition

August 25 - September 24th,  2011

Our second annual group exhibition curated by Art Spin in 2011 was at Gallery 99 (at 99 Sudbury) and featured works by:


Keith Bentley

Vuk Dragojevic

Scott Eunson

James Gauvreu

Markus Heckmann

Gillian Iles

Gareth Lichty

Sarah McCaw

Vanessa Maltese

Wrik Mead

Tom Ngo



The opening featured a wheat paste installation by fauxreel and a performance piece by Basil AIZeri and Maryam Taghavi, as well as video projections by Jerym Lynch, and an interactive video powered by a bicycle by Tim Bettridge and Maggie Chan. Live musical performances by Sean Pinchin, Rambunctiousand The Red Rhythm.


Photos by Jesse Milne


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