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August 25th 2011

Things got started off as usual on this tour in Trinity Bellwoods Park, with bike tune-ups performed by Bike Pirates and a musical bike themed puppet show by CYCLOPS, a cycling oriented puppet squad. Tongue and Groove Collective were also on site, fastening their various homemade road painting prototypes to participants bikes. These bike painting apparatuses trace our path through the city leaving a trail of different coloured paint on the street.

Our first stop on the tour was a performace of SPIN by Evalyn Parry at The Theatre Centre. She wowed the audience with her bike inspired music and storytelling performance based on the historic story of Annie Londonderry. This was followed by a visit to the Gladstone Hotel to see their annual juried exhibition Being Scene presented in partnership with CAMH and Workman Arts.

From there we made our way to the Pia Bouman Dance School to watch three short films selected from the Bicycle Film Festival presented by Aubrey Podolsky. Due to the surprising size of this month's audience, we had to split the group in two with half attending a sput-of-the-moment dance party in the lot next door, while the other half watched the films.

Our next stop was at 48 Abell, a space we visited back on our very first tour in 2010. Michael Toke's studio space was slotted for demolition and so this event became both a studio visit, but a chance to pay our respects to an important landmark in the Toronto arts community. This stop also featured a participatory performance of The Pack Sessions by Niomi Cherney.

The final stop for the night took place at 99 Gallery at the Second Annual Art Spin Exhibition. This show, curated by Art Spin, featured works by Keith W. Bentley, Vanessa Maltese, Gillian Iles, Scott Eunson, Markus Heckmann, Wrik Mead, Sarah McCaw, TH&B, Tom Ngo, Gareth Lichty and James Gauvreau, with special additions by Vuk Dragojevic, fauxreel, Joel Richardson,  Jerrem Lynch, Tim BetteridgeBasil Alzeri and Maryam Taghavi on the opening night. 


Live musical performances by RambunctiousSean PinchinTangi Ropars, The Bob Standards and The Short and Curlies. Special thanks to Ash Butti, director of 99 Gallery, for her assistance putting together this exhibition.


Photos by David Wyndham


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