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NetherMind Exhibition 

September 5-21 2014


Art Spin presents the
NetherMind Collective



Between 1991 and 1995 the NetherMind Collective mounted four independent exhibitions in large raw, industrial spaces. These exhibitions became highly anticipated events, drawing large crowds and garnering significant press. Over the course of their four original exhibitions in the 1990s the membership of the group fluctuated, but a core group of eight artists emerged and remained friends long after the final exhibition. Over the years, members of this core group – Tom Dean, John Dickson, Catherine Heard, Greg Hefford, Mary Catherine Newcomb, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Lyla Rye and Max Streicher – have remained active in the Toronto art scene and developed significant national and international recognition for their individual art practices.


In 2011 the NetherMind artists agreed to bring the collective back to life and in 2012 and 2013 mounted two exhibitions (Miribilia, St Anne’s Anglican Church, Toronto and NetherMind, University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Waterloo) that examined the continuing relevancy of installation art as a vehicle for thematic exploration of the body through its senses.


Given the NetherMind Collective and Art Spin’s common interest in producing independent art exhibitions and more specifically situating them in alternative, post-industrial spaces, it seemed only fitting that these two organizations come together.


Art Spin was very excited to work with these early pioneers of installation art who have been a source of inspiration and influence in our own curatorial principles. Inspired by the spaces the collective exhibited in through the early ‘90’s, the exhibition took place in an industrial basement space, the kind that is becoming more and more rare in the city.


The exhibition opened Friday September 5th at 128 Sterling Rd. and ran until the 21st, with an artist talk that took place on September 13th with NetherMind members John Dickson, Catherine Heard, Greg Hefford, Reinhard Reitzenstein and Lyla Rye.



Tom Dean with Trevor Wheatley, John Dickson, Catherine Heard, Greg Hefford, Mary Catherine Newcomb, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Lyla Rye and Max Streicher


Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, The D'Eon Eaton Family, Ehrlich Inc., Kronenbourg, TAG Vodka

Space Probe, by John Dickson


Photos by Rob Allen & Layne Hinton.


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