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AUGUST 24th to SEPTEMBER 3rd 2018


Art Spin presented, in partnership with Waterfront Toronto and with programming support from Myseum of Toronto, a free and exciting group exhibition titled Desire Lines, showcasing the work of some of our most notable regional artists presenting artwork from a wide variety of disciplines and curated by Art Spin’s Layne Hinton & Rui Pimenta.


This exhibition responded to themes that dealt with the highly nuanced dynamic of placemaking and what constitutes the concept of home, as well as exploring our complex and storied relationship to our waterfront. Desire Lines was curated in a building split into an 8,000 sqft. warehouse space and a retired condo presentation centre, with many works responding to the unique features of the spaces themselves.


This exhibition takes its lead from the dual attributes of the industrial space which was presented. A defunct condo presentation centre on the one side, with its bizarre simulations of nature and cliched imaginings of idyllic neighbourhoods by the waterfront – interesting in light of how disconnected our city’s residents have been from the lake due to a long history of urban design that turned Toronto’s back to its waters, prioritizing polluting industries. On the other side, a raw warehouse space whose dramatic sense of scale, the likes of which is becoming rarer and rarer to find in our city's quickly developing downtown core, fills the imagination with creative possibility.


Both spaces, in their own way, invite us to think about the dynamics of placemaking, to reflect on how we have defined our notions of home and community, as well as how we can not just imagine, but also realize a more authentic, just, and inclusive vision of what city and citizenry mean.


Desire lines is a term that stems from landscape architecture and refers to the informal or unsanctioned paths that form by the erosion of repeated use as a result of the pursuit for efficiency, or more simply, a “short cut”. A desire line is by its very nature an act of resistance towards that which is prescribed by some higher authority. That said, the flip side of desire lines, also known as a cow path, are the worn out patterns that begin to form as a result of unreflective thinking so typical of all herd mentality, blind to the rewards of the road less traveled. The tension of this duality is embodied by the very space in which this exhibition is presented and the works in this show encourage us to re-think the meaning of community, to challenge the stereotypes of placemaking and appreciate the preciousness of the natural environment we all call home.

- Art Spin Co-Curators           

Layne Hinton & Rui Pimenta


Karen Miranda Abel

Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins

Kaitlyn Bourden

Hannah Busse

Paul Chartrand

Nicole Clouston

Naomi Dodds

Anna Eyler

Chris Foster

Young & Giroux

Sarah Kernohan

Alex McLeod

Daniel Rotsztain

Lauren Schaffer

Chris Hanson & Hendrika Sonnenberg

Sheldon Storey

Jessica Thalmann

Tough Guy Mountain



Presenting Partners:

Waterfront Toronto

Myseum of Toronto

Funding Partners:

Toronto Arts Council

Ontario Arts Council

Art Spin Partners:


Ed Video

Bike Pirates

Community Bicycle Network

Hoop Driver

Trip to the Moon

Everything but the Band

Ports Toronto



A unique screening of a film program, 7a*md8 On-Screen, programmed by Golboo Amani and Fransisco-Fernando Granados, with works by Alize Zorlutuna, Julieta Maria, Lisa Birke, Erika DeFreitas, Merritt Johnson, Cressida Kocienski, Johanna Householder and b.d.Yael, Manolo Lugo, Cheryl L'Hirondelle, Lisa Steele, Zinnia Naqvi, Michèle Pearson Clarke, and Tadasu Takamine. Download the full video program here.


The opening night also hosted a unique performance of Talking to Water by Dayna Danger and company, guest curated by Clayton Windatt, which engaged the audience through a Water Song, drawing attention to connections between people and water.

We also featured opening night performances by T.Dot BANGERZ Brass programmed by our partners at CDR and a dance-floor friendly set by

DJ General Eclectic.

Thank you to our partners and volunteers that made this exhibition possible.


Photos by Priam Thomas.


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