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Third Annual Art Spin Exhibition

August 30th 2012

Our Third Annual Art Spin Exhibition in 2012 was at the Metropolis Factory Warehouse and included a mis of installation, scupture, film/video and painting by:
Jaime Angelopoulos
Bruno Bilio
Nicole Collins
John Dickson
Markus Heckmann
Simone Jones
Ivan Jurakic
Bogdan Luca
Wrik Mead
Rod Mireau
Derrick Piens
Cheryl Rondeau. 
Curated by Layne Hinton and Rui Pimenta of Art Spin.

The opening night featured a performance of Three Voices by Charlotte Mundy, a beautiful trio with one live vocalist and two pre-recorded tracks of the same voice. There were also live musical performances by the Taylor Knox Band and Squid Lid, who were joined by Haley Shannon on silks. Food was provided by the delicious guys at the Per Se Mobile food truck. Many thanks to everyone at Metropolis Factory for their hard work with their beautiful warehouse space, as well as Zach Kellum and Kronenbourg for their generous sponsorship. This tour was created with more support from the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, and Blacksmith Cycle.


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