A selection of video footage from Art Spin between 2010 and 2013, some of it from us, but much of it captured by participants on the tour.

Art Spin Exhibition 2013

The opening of our fourth annual exhibition at the Tower Automotive Building on Sterling Rd.

Video posted by utbe44.

Art Spin Exhibition 2012

Our third annual exhibition at Metropolis Factory.

The MeU at Art Spin

Our collaboration with designer Robert Tu with his flexible LED matrix.
Video posted by The MeU.

Art Spin Exhibition 2011

Our annual exhibition at 99 Gallery.

Art Spin June 2013

Our first ride of 2013 with various performances, a gallery visit and an afterparty at Walnut Studios.

Video posted by ChernozymVideo.

Sandpiles - 2012

A movement piece by Rui Pimenta performed by Cara Spooner and Alicia Grant, made specifically for the August 2012 Art Spin tour.

Art Spin: The Horns

A video of our trumpeting MC Michael Louis Johnson and the Radiant Brass Ensemble in June 2011.
Video posted by 416CycleStyle.

Charlotte Mundy and Alex Samaras

A snippet of a wonderful vocal performance by Charlotte and Alex at the Theatre Centre on our June 2011 tour.
Posted by 416Cyclestyle.


Art Spin 2010

A compilation of video from our 2010 season made by artist Cheryl Rondeau.

Art Spin June 2010

An interactive sound performance by Radiant Brass Ensemble​​

Art Spin and Neighbourhood Arts Network

An interview with the Art Spin curators Rui Pimenta, Layne Hinton and Casey Hinton, with footage from our 2010 season.

Posted by Neighbourhood Arts Network.

Art Spin Hobo Stage 2012

A performance by Michael Louis Johnson and the Red Rhythm with Haley Shannon on silks, in a remote abandoned space near Dufferin St. and Alma Ave.

Posted by Julian Jumphreys.



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